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Heatwave is a high intensity co-op zombie game where you and up to 4 friends battle an onslaught of sentient chili peppers to save the wild west.

The year was 1899, and it seemed that the wild west was coming to an end. But when Spicetown Industries discovered the animating power of Capsaicin238, things started to heat back up. An army of sentient chili peppers overran the salsa conglomerate, and began to infiltrate the deserts, lagoons, and heartlands of the old west, turning it into a salsa filled wasteland. It all came down to 1 to 4 online, co-op cowboys to save the world, and maybe, just maybe, the west they once knew.

Stain the desert with the salsa of your enemies.
Unlock and unleash tons of hilarious power-ups.
Make hell rain down with up to 4 friends.

Heatwave Release Trailer

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